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Are Calming CBD Chews Safe for Pets? What You Need to Know

Calming CBD Chews Safe for Pets

As CBD has surged in popularity for human use, a natural question emerges – could CBD also provide wellness benefits for our furry companions? With CBD wellness products now commonplace for humans, pet owners are increasingly interested in whether their dogs, cats, and other animals could also benefit.

This article reviews the considerations around CBD use for pets, specifically looking at the safety profile of Calming CBD chews.

How CBD Works in Animals

The way CBD interacts with the body helps explain its potential effects. Like humans, dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system. This complex cell-signaling system plays many important roles in regulating physiology, mood, pain perception, inflammation, and overall homeostasis.

Phytocannabinoids like CBD can supplement the endocannabinoid system. CBD indirectly impacts endocannabinoid receptor activity without binding directly to receptors. This may help reduce pain, calm anxiety, and provide other therapeutic benefits by bringing the body into better balance.

Potential Benefits of CBD for Pets

Before diving into safety, it helps to understand why pet owners are interested in trying Calming CBD Chews for their furry companions. Scientific studies and anecdotal reports indicate CBD may offer certain therapeutic benefits for pets, including:

  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Alleviating anxiety and phobias
  • Minimizing seizures and convulsions
  • Treating cognitive dysfunction
  • Combating cancer symptoms and side effects
Are Calming CBD Chews Good for Anxious or Stressed Pets?

Calming CBD Chews is one of the way pet owners can use CBD to help relieve anxiety, fear, or stress in dogs and cats. These chews contain CBD along with calming ingredients like chamomile, valerian root, organic passionflower, ginger root, L-tryptophan, and L-theanine. The CBD interacts with pet endocannabinoid systems while the herbal ingredients provide additional soothing support.

Together, they may help provide a calming effect to pets experiencing situational or chronic stress. The combined effect of CBD with these herbs and supplements may help relax tense, worried, or overactive pets. The chews deliver a consistent measured dose of CBD with each chew. Pet owners should consult their veterinarian to determine appropriate use and dosing for their pet’s specific needs.

Is Calming CBD Chews Safe for Pets?

Calming CBD chews provide a convenient way to administer a consistent CBD dose to pets in a tasty treat form, often formulated to help relieve anxiety or stress. However, the safety of it depends on several key factors.

Dosage recommendations must be carefully followed based on your individual pet’s weight, age, and health status. Improperly dosed CBD chews increase the risks of adverse effects. It’s critical to consult your veterinarian on appropriate dosing for your pet.

To minimize risks, pet owners should start with a small portion of one Calming CBD chew, monitor for any vomiting or diarrhea, and administer with food. Close supervision and discontinuing use if any concerning reactions occur is advised. Consulting a veterinarian first provides an extra layer of safety.

Recognizing CBD Overdose:

When administered at appropriate doses under veterinary supervision, overdosing on CBD itself is highly unlikely. However, there is a risk of overdose if extremely large amounts of CBD are given without consulting a vet, exceeding what they would recommend. After discussing proper dosing with your vet, watch for any of these signs of a CBD overdose:

Severe lethargy or lack of coordination

Excessive vomiting or diarrhea

Extreme restlessness or agitation

Abnormal blood test results

Symptoms typically resolve within 24 hours if CBD is stopped. However, if reactions seem severe or persistent, take your pet to the vet or an emergency animal hospital right away.

CBD overdoses can occur through extremely high single doses or steady buildup over time in smaller amounts. That’s why finding the minimum effective dose with your vet’s guidance is so important.

If your pet ever consumes a large amount of CBD, seek veterinary care even if they show no initial symptoms. The vet can induce vomiting and give IV fluids or other treatments to prevent delayed effects.

Tips for Administering CBD

When you begin giving your pet CBD calming chews, following some basic guidelines can help ensure a smooth and effective experience.

Always start with the lowest recommended dose based on your pet’s weight when first using the product. Gradually increase the dosage every few days only if needed, until desired effects are achieved. Take it slow to check for any intolerance.

Offer it to your pet as you would any treat or medication – calmly, positively, and paired with affection. This prevents associating chews with fear or reluctance. Adding a flavor drizzle or combining it with a favorite snack can mask any unpleasant taste.


Calming CBD chews are showing promise as an effective supplement to help soothe anxious pets and improve their quality of life. CBD interacts with mammalian and animal endocannabinoid systems to help regulate emotions and the response to stress and anxiety triggers. Calming CBD Chews appear to provide a natural calming effect without sedation when given at appropriate veterinarian-directed dosages.

Like any supplement, CBD does carry a risk of side effects and overdose if misused. Veterinary oversight helps minimize these risks through appropriate dosing recommendations and monitoring instructions tailored to your pet. Pet owners should observe for any concerning reactions and should stop giving CBD Chews immediately if vomiting, lethargy, or other adverse effects occur.

When used responsibly under veterinary supervision, Calming CBD chews show promise in reducing anxiety and related behaviors in pets. They can enhance the quality of life for high-strung, anxious animals. It gives pet owners a new tool to help support their companions’ mental health naturally and gently.

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